A concierge healthcare company bringing providers to patients...anywhere, anytime.


Good-bye waiting room. Hello-Nurse.

Driving patient-centric solutions through mobile applications in real-time for real people.

Driving patient-centric solutions through mobile applications in real-time for real people.

Patient-centric Healthcare!

Patient-centric healthcare means no more waiting rooms.  It means no more driving around town trying to secure your medical records from your old doctor's office.  And, it means your healthcare is centered around you, your needs and your goals!  

Our Services

Full slate of on-demand and scheduled healthcare services. 

Your Location

Our providers will assist you at your home or in the community.

Our Promise

Your safety, experience, and records security are our priority!


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The Hello-Nurse Advantage

The days of going to the doctor, risking cross-contamination, medical deserts and disconnected medical systems are over.  We are reimagining how healthcare solutions should be provided and presented from a patient first perspective.  Your access, your needs, your convenience, and your goals should be primary and are the solution to transform the industry and ensure you are prioritized.  That is why we believe:

1.  Healthcare should be provided conveniently and effectively

2.  Waiting rooms and cross-contamination should be a thing of the past

3.  Access to care should not be limited by location or cost

4.  Tele-health is an incomplete solution to an in-person industry 

5.  Patients should have seamless access to all their medical records

6.  Medical billing should be transparent, upfront and honest


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